Editorial Process

PatientPoint PracticeWire® editorial content provides real-time onscreen news updates five days a week. PracticeWire editorial is produced by the PracticeWire editorial team and is the sole responsibility of PracticeWire.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

PracticeWire is supported by advertising, and these ads allow us to provide information at no cost to you. We are committed to editorial integrity. Our editorial content is produced without influence from our sponsors or advertisers. The editorial team is independent and employs responsible and balanced reporting and writing practices.

All advertisements must comply with our Advertising Policy. Ads are distinct and separate from editorial content. Advertisers will not influence editorial direction.

Corrections Policy

PracticeWire makes prompt updates to content as medical understanding and practices change, and selects third-party providers who follow similar practices. If you believe you have found an error in our content, please visit Contact Us.


If you have a question or comment about the Editorial Policy or content available on PracticeWireOnline.com, please visit Contact Us.


Occasionally, PracticeWire will need to make updates to this policy. The date below reflects the most recent updates to this policy.

Revised: May 2011