About PatientPoint

PatientPoint offers up-to-the-minute medical research and office management information. You’ll also find services to help your practice run more smoothly, like centralized staff messages and easy access to continuing education. PracticeWireOnline.com helps you connect with your patients and work effectively with your healthcare team.

Connecting with Your Patient

At PatientPoint, we believe that excellent physician-patient communication results in the best care.
Our program features content that helps you stay on top of medical news with:

  • Breaking News — In the car and in the waiting room, your patients are bombarded with medical news before they meet with you. On the PatientPoint digital kiosk screen, located in your central back office, you’ll learn about the latest breaking medical news before your patients do.
  • Health Alerts — Displayed in red on the digital kiosk screen, Health Alerts inform members of your practice about new product safety recalls and FDA-issued boxed warnings for drug labels.
  • PhysicianWire — Read stories about the latest medical research news from today’s leading publications.

Reaching the Maximum Potential of Your Practice

In today’s tough economic climate, your practice needs to maximize every expense and collect on every service. PatientPoint offers valuable information on how to keep your practice ahead of the curve.

  • StaffWire — Get expert advice on everything from correct coding to email care.
  • Customize — Your practice can use Access.PatientPoint.com to create custom content for the digital kiosk screen in your office. Craft the messages your practice needs to hear, and update them at any time.

Our professional staff of editors work with respected sources like HealthDay News to ensure you get the information that’s most meaningful to you and your practice.

The PatientPoint Mission

To provide integrated patient and physician engagement solutions at the point of care and along the broader care continuum that improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and enhance the patient experience.

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